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Nosko Platon Mykhaylovych

Doctor information: Nosko Platon Mykhaylovych

Education: Donetsk National Medical University of M. Gorki

Ways of Professional Development:

  • received a specialization in laparoscopic surgery at the Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education;
  • degree in proctology at the Zaporizhzhya Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education;
  • member of professional associations: European Society of Coloproctologists (ESCP); Russian Association of Surgeons-Coloproctologists and Gastroenterologists (RUSGICOL); European Association of Endoscopic Surgery (EAES); European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO); European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO);
  • expert of the project Consilium on Coloproctology and Oncology;
  • author of twelve scientific works, one patent of Ukraine and one monograph;
  • delegate to numerous international conferences and congresses of surgeons, oncologists and coloproctologists;
  • taking an active part in master classes and training courses of the European Society of Coloproctologists (ESCP), the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO);
  • treating patients from abroad.

Priorities in Practical Activity:

  • coloproctology, including non-surgical methods of treatment and minimally invasive operations;
  • operative treatment in the field of minor proctology:
    • hemorrhoids (infrared and laser coagulation, latex ligation, transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization (THD), Longo stapled hemorrhoidopexy, hemorrhoidectomy using an apparatus of Paton for welding of living tissues, Ligasure device, and Surgitron - a machine of radio wave surgery);
    • anal fissures (Gabriel and Parks operations);
    • pararectal fistulas (using Fistula Plug and operation LIFT);
    • radical treatment of epithelial-coccygeal course;
  • operative treatment in the field of major proctology:
    • laparoscopic operations;
    • transanal endoscopic microsurgery for colon and rectum cancers using high-tech equipment (Ligasure device and apparatus of Paton for welding of living tissues);
    • pelvic floor dysfunction;
  • “one-day surgery”: laparoscopic surgery for inguinal, umbilical and postoperative hernias, gastrointestinal diseases.

The Most Common Diseases Are:

  • anterior abdominal wall hernias;
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases;
  • proctology diseases (hemorrhoids);
  • colon cancer.

Interested in Such Branches of Medicine as:

  • surgical oncology;
  • oncological gynecology;
  • oncological urology;
  • plastic surgery.

Advantages of MC Dobrobut

“Among the advantages of working in a private clinic, I should note such as modern technical equipment, a full range of medical services, client-oriented service, highly qualified personnel, salary transparency, the possibility of self-realization, prospects for professional growth and development, reputation.”

About the Tendencies in Surgery

“A long time ago, the trend of the development of the world surgery has been related to the aspect of minimally invasive operations (“one-day operations”) and reducing the time (and costs) for rehabilitation after treatment. All participants of the process are interested in it. A patient returns to the ordinary way of life in an early period, feels less pain and discomfort, and is less subjected to the risk of infection in the medical institution (due to a short stay in the department and surgical interventions “without a cut”). The insurance company (health care system) spends less money than before on the expensive hospital treatment and the treatment of complications. Doctors (a medical institution) can help more patients and are more satisfied with the results of their work. Surgeons are actively implementing the principles of Fast Track Surgery (FTS), or surgery with fast recovery.”

Features of Work with Patients

“Working with a patient has its peculiar specifics in each of the stages of treatment. At the very beginning, when a doctor only gets acquainted with a patient, his history, conducts the examination, it is important to collect a maximum of reliable data. Any patient may have something to keep silent about, understate or exaggerate the symptoms, and sometimes even hide important information (about alcohol abuse, smoking, drugs, etc.). Our specialization also includes working with oncological patients. And the next moment with its peculiar specificity is the patient’s “acquaintance” with his diagnosis. It is essential to present the information to the patient correctly, not to frighten and not to upset him excessively. It is necessary to explain the essence of the diagnosed pathology, adequately estimate the possibilities of treatment and create an attitude of the patient in such a way that he won’t give up. At the final stages, of course, it is important to give competent recommendations that will help a person to maintain his health and avoid a relapse of the disease. The patient’s trust in the doctor is very significant, as well as his adherence to all recommendations and belief in recovery.”

Tips from the Doctor

“First of all, anyone who wants to save and maintain their health should give up on bad habits. Smoking must be excluded; alcohol is acceptable, but only in minimum doses and rarely (not more often than 1-2 times a month). Following a diet, it is important. Every day you should eat enough fresh vegetables and fruits, greens, withal you need to minimize the amount of fatty and heavy food. You should eliminate all “artificial” products which contain a large number of preservatives and dyes (chips, croutons, sweet fizzy drinks, etc.). Besides, it is critical to consume enough water. Optimum is 1,5 or 2 liters of fluid per day, mainly due to pure drinking water. It is important to lead an active lifestyle, play sports, and walk on a daily basis.”

About Work

“A good doctor should have the same qualities as a good person such as kindness, honesty, humaneness, tolerance. This list could take more than one page, but I will highlight two qualities that, to my mind, are particularly important. A good doctor should be hard-working (and honestly, he must be a workaholic) because the doctor’s work is incredibly complex, it requires a complete dedication, presence at work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And only in that case, you can be aware of everything that happens in the department; you will keep in mind information about each patient, analyze it and find the best solutions for any unforeseen situations. Another important feature is the continuous work on oneself. A perfect specialist is constantly studying new literature, following all trends and innovations, attending conferences, communicating with foreign colleagues, exchanging experience. Later, his students will follow him, and this is also a sign of an outstanding specialist.”

About Hobbies

“Find your favorite thing and devote yourself to it, then your work will please you. I think that successful people do what they like. And this is the secret of their success. My hobby is my favorite work. Surgery is inconceivable without constant improvement, study and introduction of new technologies, there is no limit to development and self-realization. On vacation, I’m fond of diving, fishing, cycling with my family.”

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Отличный врач, попал с апендецитом который разорвался, крайне сложное положение. Однако, он меня буквально вытащил с того света. Крайне професиональный человек, который знает что делает. Рекомендую!
Дмитре, дякуємо Вам за високу оцінку професіоналізму лікаря і рекомендацію. Бажаємо Вам здоров'я.
З повагою, департамент контролю якості сервісу та клієнтського обслуговування
Price / Quality
Уважаемый Платон Михайлович, примите слова искренней благодарности за Ваши добрые дела и намерения. Пусть Вам всегда улыбается удача, будьте здоровы и счастливы. Пусть Ваш благородный труд, будет признан и награждён. Всех благ!
Євгене, дякуємо Вам за відгук і теплі слова на адресу лікаря. Бажаємо Вам міцного здоров'я
З повагою, департамент контролю якості сервісу та клієнтського обслуговування
Price / Quality
Попал в Добробут с подозрением на аппендицит в марте. После проведенных осмотров и анализов в день поступления было принято решение неотложно оперировать ночью. Оперировал Платон Михайлович (посредством лапароскопии). Аппендицит оказался гонгренозным, что значительно усложняло хирургическое вмешательство и дальнейшее лечение (обратилася на 4 день, так как симптомы изначально не указывали прямо на проблему). Операция и последующее лечение проходили под полным и внимательнейшим контролем Платона Михайловича. Доктор очень открыт и отлично поясняет нюансы лечения. Очень благодрен Платону Михайловичу и клинике Добробут за высокопрофессиональную помощь и отличное отношение!
Павло, дікуємо за високу оцінку професіоналізму лікаря і довіру до клініки. Бажаємо Вам якнайшвидшого відновлення після операції і міцного здоров'я.
З повагою, департамент контролю якості сервісу та клієнтського обслуговування
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