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Litvinenko Oksana Borisovna

Litvinenko Oksana Borisovna
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Doctor information: Litvinenko Oksana Borisovna

Areas of professional development:

  • completed traineeships abroad (in particular, on the basis of the State Military Hospital in Warsaw in 2016)
  • self-improves her professional level reading specialized medical scientific literature, periodicals on her specialty (Radiation Diagnostics journal), specialized sections in medical journals

Membership in associations, attending of professional events:

  • is a member of Association of Radiologists of Ukraine
  • actively attends research and practice conferences, symposiums, congresses in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities
  • participates in quarterly meetings of Association of Radiologists of Ukraine
  • regularly attends courses of advanced training on the basis of the Academy of Postgraduate Education, courses of thematic advanced training in her specialty on the basis of X-ray Diagnostics Department at P. L. Shupyk Kyiv National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • X-ray diagnostics of adults and children

Common complaints

  • Respiratory diseases;
  • Diseases of osteoarticular system (congenital and acquired, systemic and local);
  • Osteo-traumatic injuries;
  • X-ray examinations to define endocrine disorders (including developmental delays or developmental anticipations, hypophysial disorders);
  • Urological diseases (congenital or acquired) of adults and children (ICD, dystopy of kidneys and ureters, renal aplasia, ectasia, vesicoureteral reflux, etc.).

Area of professional interests:

  • Genetics
  • Biology

About health

“I take care of my health practicing healthy diet and fitness when I have such a possibility. I adhere to hygiene requirements, take preventive measures (checkups), etc.”.

About interests

“I am interested in learning English (self-learning with films, online courses, reading of books with the dictionary). I like watching history and adventure movies, science fiction. My favorite activity is to take care of and play with my cat Marcus.”

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