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Letychevska Veronika Oleksandrivna

Letychevska Veronika Oleksandrivna

Doctor information: Letychevska Veronika Oleksandrivna


  • Bogomolets National Medical University;
  • Shupyk National University of Health Care of Ukraine

Scientific activity:

  • co-authored articles in Ukrainian scientific journals;
  • report at the School of Neurology in Göttingen, Germany, 2018.

Areas of professional development:

  • member of the Ukrainian Academy of Pediatrics;
  • secretary of the Central Ukrainian Academy of Pediatrics;
  • member of the Youth Committee of the European Academy of Pediatrics;
  • specialization in pediatric neurology (PL Shupyk NGO);
  • listener, organizer and speaker at conferences on pediatric neurology, pediatrics, etc. 2021;
  • work in the inpatient and outpatient department "Dobrobut" with pediatric and neurological patients;
  • further scientific and educational activities in the fields of pediatrics and pediatric neurology.

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • keeping a healthy child under 1 year;
  • drawing up a vaccination schedule;
  • neurodevelopmental disorders;
  • Infectious diseases.

Tell us about your professional interests other than your specialization:

  • pediatric neurology;
  • child psychiatry;
  • genetics;
  • functional diagnostics.

Hobbies, favorite movies, books:

  • "Hobbies: orienteering, swimming, skiing, hiking. Favorite books: Douglas Adams "Hitchhiking in the Galaxy", W. Hugo "Disadvantaged""

Doctor's advice:

  • "Never search Google and your child for symptoms - see a doctor right away!"
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