Koren Anzhela Valeriivna

Koren Anzhela Valeriivna

Doctor information: Koren Anzhela Valeriivna

Work experience: 28 years


  • Bogomolets National Medical University

Areas of professional development:

  • Therapist of the highest category, gastroenterologist of the first category, dietarian of the second category, endoscopist;
  • The member of the Association of endoscopists of Ukraine and the Association of endoscopists of Ukraine;
  • annually attending of Ukrainian and International endoscopy, gastroenterology, therapy, dietology conferences;
  • Thematic advanced training and additional specializations gaining;
  • Gives lections for teenagers as a part of campaign of the Head of International Fund of cultural cooperation Vlada Litovchenko;
  • Regular speeches about gastroenterology, therapy and dietology in Media – show “Ukraine speaks”(«Говорить Україна») (“Ukraine”) («Україна»), “To the quick” («За живе») (“STB”).(СТБ) “TSN” (ТСН) (“1+1”) and other TV-programs for “Tonis” (Тоніс), “5th channel”(5 канал) etc.;
  • Articles in specialized and popular publications (magazine “Focus” etc.);
  • Participates in online press-conferences about dietology and other specialized events;
  • Constantly self-improves with the help of specialized literature, medical periodical publications and internet resources;
  • Corrects nutrition for teenagers, pregnant and nursing women, for senior citizens;
  • Gives lections about nutrition for the company Procter&Gamble.

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • Gastroenterology: manages patients with functional gastrointestinal upset (dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome, intractable constipation, venter and duodenum cankers)
  • Manages patients with instant epigastria burning (gastroesophageal reflux disease), with liver and bile passages diseases
  • Conservatively manages patients with cholelithiasis, small and large bowel diseases (ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease), treats bowel microflora disfuntion (dysbacteriosis) and helminthiases.
  • Diagnoses and manages food intolerance and food allergies
  • Diagnoses and manages cardiovascular system diseases (idiopathic hypertensia, stable angor pectoris, vegetative disfunction)
  • Treats respiratory organs diseases (ARD - acute respiratory disease, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, obstructive bronchitis)
  • Corrects nutrition for patients suffering from digestive organs, cardiovascular system or respiratory system diseases, from disbolism (lipotrophy, weight deficit, arthralgia), from kidneys diseases.
  • “As a specialist I am very interested in food intolerance and food allergies issues and in autoimmune problems of GI tract that are connected with autoimmune problems in rheumatology, endocrinology and gynecology. Interdisciplinary approach is also very important, because you can`t actually divide a human.”
  • “The amount of bowel inflammatory diseases has recently increased a lot. It can be caused by ecology and by the things we eat, by the way we eat etc.”
  • “Every fifth European (20% of population) has food intolerance, but we hardly ever know about it. For instance, the situation with dairy products: the person might not feel well after drinking pure milk, and he might stop drinking it. But he eats cultured milk products, food with lactose (including biscuits and other confectionery). Even a small amount of lactose (milk sugar), which gets into bowel (large bowel, however it has to laminate in small bowel), creates conditions for small bowel bacterial overgrowth syndrome and is the consequence of dysbiosis. And it, consequently, affects the condition of liver, skin, immune system, gynecology diseases. I often work with patients, who were redirected to me with heterospecific colpits or muguet. All human systems are connected with each other. And if one of the systems can`t deal with something, other systems might adopt its behavior. In this case secondary inefficiency of the function will happen sooner or later, and consequently there will be a critical moment.”
  • “Food tolerance might have visible syndromes – gastroenterological – or non-visible: for example, a woman is unable to get pregnant. But as soon as she changes nutrition, everything will become normal. In such situation we can see an example of gluten-sensitive enteropathy (gluten intolerance).”“If we think of human health as 100%, then medical care is only 10-20% of it. Other 20% is social level and 60-70% is the way of life. My task is to analyze and point at patient`s weak places, to help him organize 60-70% that depend on the patient himself. And as a doctor I will complete my 10-20%.”
  • “The most significant thing in my job is to understand what is in that “black box” (I like to call a stomach like this) and find the right way to solve it – find out the reason and the consequence of the problem, bring everything to order.I understand it like this: there is a “head”, a “body” and a “tail” of the problem, where head is the reason, body is the mechanism of development and tail is the symptom. And if you find the reason, then you can understand where the tail (colitis, distention) comes from.”

Hobbies, favorite movies, books:

  • My hobby is literature, music and nature. I love taking care of plants and animals. I have two pets – a dag and a cat.”

Doctor's advice:

  • “Distention, skin problems (rash), brittle nails, epilation, any kind of pain, unpleasant flavor in the mouth or any other discomfort, that stays for a long time, doesn`t have any reason and doesn`t disappear - these are the symptoms, which require seeing a doctor.”
  • “Food has to be high quality, organic and balanced. It is very important to keep up with the food regime according to biological rhythms and individual preferences.”
  • “The most important thing about staying healthy is not to ignore the problem. Going towards the disease takes 3 days, and coming back takes 6 days, as ancient people said. If the person doesn`t go far inside, he won`t need to come back like a fighting hero.”

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