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Katerinich Konstantin Nikolaevich

Doctor information: Katerinich Konstantin Nikolaevich

Professional Experience: since 1999


Zaporozhye State Medical University

Professional Development Path

  • Systematically attends conferences;
  • Teaches and trains at basic intensive care courses, emergency action courses;
  • Publications in Metro Newspaper;
  • Has Mom and me Internet page.

International Professional Experience

  • Internship in Austria and Poland;
  • Exploratory trips to medical centers in Germany and Slovenia;
  • Actively applies gained knowledge and skills in practice.

Practical Areas of Priority

Children with different grave diseases treated in hospital.

About Work

'In Dobrobut Medical Network, we actively implement those treatment methods that are extremely popular in the world. It is an advantage for patients, for sure.'

'It is highly important to explain parents what is happening to their child. It should be done in a language comprehensible for them. That is, when explaining, a doctor should minimize using incomprehensible words as much as possible as such words can cause some misunderstanding.'

'My medical practice combines three areas: pediatrics, neonatology and pediatric anesthesiology. Besides that, I also teach and train at emergency action courses. Therefore, I spend a lot of time on an active self-education, and I keep on improving myself as a professional.'

'A good doctor should be a highly qualified specialist. That is the foundation. Though, a doctor has to be a bit of an actor, a bit of a psychologist, a bit of anybody so that every patient could get maximal help on an individual basis.'

Hobbies and Interests

'I spend my off-duty time on karate.'

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Patients' opinion about: Katerinich Konstantin Nikolaevich

Price / Quality
Доктор был дочкиным лечащим врачом в стационаре. Выдержка- железная,объясняет доходчиво,по нескольку раз и главное- спокойно. Доктор очень понравился, за 5 дней поставил дочь на ноги
Price / Quality
замечательный доктор, который очень профессионально и без паники общается с тревожными мамочками. Спасибо большое Константину Николаевичу!
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