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Grebenyuk Aleksandr Petrovich

Grebenyuk Aleksandr Petrovich
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Neurologist, PhD (medicine)

Policlinic for adults on the left bank (12 Mishugi St., Kyiv)
40 years of practice

Doctor information: Grebenyuk Aleksandr Petrovich


Ternopil State Medical

Areas of professional development and research work:

  • PhD (medicine)
  • over 20 scientific publications on topical issues of diagnosis and treatment of CNS disorders in neurological journals and medical collected papers;
  • senior qualification category in specialty ‘neurology’
  • main work experience gained in the Main Military Clinical Hospital servicing as resident of the neurological department, then senior physician and then the chief neurologist of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • cerebrovascular diseases (strokes and their consequences, cerebral atherosclerosis, hypertension, hypertensive crises): prevention, treatment and rehabilitation (topic of thesis in 2008);
  • neuroinfection, traumatic brain injuries and their consequences;
  • autonomic dysfunction syndrome;
  • panic attacks;
  • various pain syndromes including pain in the back, in the arms, legs; headaches, facial pains; dizziness;
  • neurotic, anxiety-phobic and depressive disorders, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, tremor, tics, muscle dystonia, hyperkinesis;
  • neuralgia, neuropathy including compression;
  • polyneuropathy, plexopathy; pathology of the spine with its neurological complications;
  • osteochondrosis vertebralis;
  • multiple scrlerosis;
  • amyotrophic lateral sclerosis;
  • Parkinson disease, vascular parkinsonism;
  • various types of dementia

Clinical practice:

  • complex drug therapy;
  • post-isometric muscle relaxation with reflex manual therapy;
  • acupuncture reflexology;
  • therapeutic drug blockades;
  • complex drug therapy, which meets the criteria of evidence and takes into account the current level of medical science and practice;
  • manual therapy of spinal osteochondrosis using post-isometric muscle relaxation and acupressure (qualification certificate );
  • acupuncture reflexology of diseases of the nervous system (qualification certificate)

Public activities:

  • regular presentations at conferences and seminars in the Kyiv City Center of Medical and Social Expertise, monitoring the work of specialists of all specialties;
  • member of the Ukrainian Association of Neurology and Reflexotherapy

Common complaints

“Evident growth of neurotic and psychosomatic diseases, which is obviously due to the lack of stability in the state and the corresponding medical support for this category of patients.”

Specifics of working with patients

“A neurologist should have a mathematical mindset: neurological diagnosis consists of analyzing the symptoms and changes in human health, and extrapolating this to the central and peripheral nervous systems. Based on this a doctor concludes about the nature of damage. Fast thinking in this way creates a good specialist. Although some of my friends, guided by extensive experience, make diagnosis intuitively.”

Doctor’s advice

“Every person can and should increase his physiological potential using generally accepted approaches to maintaining health. This refers to a great many aspects: nutrition, wellness exercises, daily routine and desire to live a healthy life.”

About life

" Valeology is a new subject in the educational institutions and meanwhile, this is a very useful subject, plainly explaining to youth how to maintain their health.".

About work

“Presentations at the social security medical assessment board are performed in front of top level specialists. You should be very specific and professional. It requires a serious preparation on the subject matter, diagnosis, examination and treatment. We must know the most advanced information about a particular disease, study every detail, every little thing.”

About hobbies

“Sport is basic hobby. I like skiing, cycling and swimming . Currently I use swimming pool now, but I really prefer open water bodies!”

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Patients' opinion about: Grebenyuk Aleksandr Petrovich

Price / Quality
Лучший доктор-невролог, которого знаю. Не раз обращалась к нему в разные периоды в жизни (особенно когда были стрессы и это очень сказывалось на здоровье). Быстро определяет причину проблемы, назначает нужные препараты или другие действенные способы лечения в зависимости от ситуации (массаж, рефлексотерапия - имеет специальное образование и проводит самостоятельно). Заметно, что человек глубоко разбирает в своём деле и проводит быструю и качественную диагностику. Помогает предельно быстро решить конкретные проблемы, а не даёт советы общего характера
Аня, спасибо Вам за отзыв и доверие к доктору! Вы очень высоко оценили уровень профессионализма доктора и он действительно этого заслуживает! Крепкого здоровья Вам и Вашей семье!
С уважением, департамент по контролю качества медицинского обслуживания.
Price / Quality
Замечательный врач, очень внимательный. Всегда объясняет причины заболевания и методы лечения, дает советы и поддерживает. Он единственный невролог в Киеве, которому я доверяю на 100 %. Побольше бы таких врачей.
Price / Quality
Очень хороший доктор-профессиональный, внимательный, искренне хочет помочь пациенту!
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