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El-Golam Maksim Josephovich

Doctor information: El-Golam Maksim Josephovich

Areas of professional development:

  • member of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV), Belorussian Public Organization of dermatovenerologists and Cosmetologists (BPODC)
  • post-graduate training:
    • May 27-June 19, 2015; Sept 17-Nov 17, 2015; Nov 23 – Dec 23, 2015 ; Jan16 – March 16, 2016 – CHU-Hôpitaux de Rouen, Hôpital Charles Nicole, Rouen, France;
    • Jan 16 – May 16 2017 – Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria, SECONDA UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI NAPOLI, Unita Operativa di Clinica Dermatologica, Nuovo Policlinico, Naples , Italy;
    • May 10-25, 2017 - Ansoel Clinic, Naples , Italy;
  • attended training courses, conferences and congresses:
    • Modern View on the Problem of Allergic Dermatoses in Children” (Minsk, Belarus, 2013);
    • Modern Approaches to Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections (Minsk, Belarus, 2013);
    • Republican research-to-practice conference with international participation dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Department of skin diseases and STI (Minsk, Belarus, 2013);
    • 72nd Annual Congress of the American Academy of Dermatology (Denver, USA, 2014.);
    • The Second Minsk A. Ya. Prokopchuk Readings (Minsk, Belarus, 2014);
    • 73rd Annual Congress of the American Academy of Dermatology (San Francisco, USA, 2015);
    • The Third Minsk A. Ya. Prokopchuk Readings (Minsk, Belarus, 2015.);
    • Aesthetic Congress (Minsk, Belarus, 2015);
    • Theoretical and practical course Contour Plastic Surgery, Cosmo-Trade Training Center (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2016.);
    • Advanced course on 3D lifting Cosmo-Trade Training Center (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2016);
    • Specialized course on mesotherapy, Cosmo-Trade Training Center (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2016);
    • Specialized course on biorevitalizing, Cosmo-Trade Training Center (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2016);
    • Certificate of attendance BOTOX expert mentoring masterclass, Medical Aesthetics Academy (Kyiv, Ukraine 2016);
    • Smart MD complex for skin health and youth . Cosmetology S.O.S. emergencies in cosmetology (2016 );
    • 75th Annual Congress of the American Academy of Dermatology (Orlando, USA, 2017 г.);
    • Incontri di Approfondimento in Dermatologia: Iperidrosi, alopecia areata e orticaria (Naples , Italy 2017);
    • Update su diagnosi e terapia delle malattie bollose e connettiviti (Naples , Italy 2017);
    • Casistica dermatoscopica (Naples , Italy 2017);
    • 38th Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SIME) Congress (Rome, Italy 2017);
    • Dr. Dudikova school of the use of dermal filler injections of the lips and cheeks by Dr. Leonov (2018 );
    • 13th Kyiv Dermatological Days (Kyiv, Ukraine 2018 );
    • Botulinum toxin: dysport, Aesthetic Consilium School (Kyiv, Ukraine 2018);
    • Interdisciplinary approach in pediatric dermatology (Kyiv, Ukraine 2018);
    • Theory and practice on the usage of IBSA Farmaceutici products (Kyiv, Ukraine 2018 );
    • Fillers. Full face by Raj Acquilla, Aesthetic consilium school (Kyiv, Ukraine 2018);
    • Thread lifting in esthetic medicine. Aptos. By Sergey Prokudin, Aesthetic consilium school (Kyiv, Ukraine);
    • Trichologists’ Forum: cosmetology aspect (Kyiv, Ukraine 2019 );
    • Dysport, full face, by Dr. Riekie Smit (Kyiv, Ukraine 2019);
    • Comprehensive approach to facial correction Teoxane Approach 4D (Kyiv, Ukraine 2019);
    • Teoxane Academy Ukraine, Congress for aesthetic medicine specialists (Kyiv, Ukraine 2019);
    • Medical Knowledge Hub Dermatology (Kyiv, Ukraine 2019);
    • The use of Botulinum Toxin in cosmetic Dermatology advanced course (Kyiv, Ukraine 2019 );
  • Author of publications:
    • Third After-War Syphilis Epidemic in Minsk: Epidemiological Context in the Scientific-practical journal Zdravoolhranenie Belarusi;
    • Clinical case of Kaposi’s sarcoma with effect of eye mucosa membrane. First international medical conference. Clinical poster presentation, First European Medical Forum, Thessaloniki, Greece;
    • 13th collected papers Successes in Medical Mycology of the Russian Federation: topic Pathogens of Mycoses, Biological Properties, Pathogenicity Factors, Interaction with the Human Body
  • attends conferences, internships, courses and reads a lot of publications and literature mainly from foreign sources;
  • proficient in English, French and Arabian languages; received foreign patients

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • dermatology;
  • dermatooncology;
  • trichology;
  • dermatoscopy;
  • trichoscopy;
  • removal of benign skin tumors.
  • cosmetology

Common complaints:

  • dermatitis;
  • skin neoplasms;
  • fungal diseases;
  • acne;
  • rosacea;
  • alopecia;
  • chronic dermatoses;
  • parasitic skin diseases

Dobrobut Medical Center strengths

“There is an opportunity for development, training and professional growth for a doctor in this clinic.”

Trends in dermatovenerology

“Dermatology develops ever more rapidly. Innovative instrumental and laser technologies become more common.”

Specifics of working with patients

“Treatment regimen should be selected for a patient always individually. It is extremely important to collect disease history and to examine skin. Often, skin diseases with their aesthetic component may create psycho-social inconveniences for a person. The task of the doctor and patient is to work as a team, this is the only way to achieve the anticipated results. ”

Doctor’s advice

“Don’t self-medicate. See your real doctor, not the world famous Google Doctor with your first symptoms for making correct diagnosis and decide on further treatment tactics.”

About work

“I will answer this question with my favorite quotes from Hippocrates: ‘Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.’ ‘Not only the doctor himself should use everything that is necessary in the case, but the patient, and others, and all external circumstances should help the doctor in his work."

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Patients' opinion about: El-Golam Maksim Josephovich

Price / Quality
Была на приеме у доктора. Нервы на пределе, так как после предыдущего визита к другому доктору, нафантазировать успела себе много плохих диагнозов. К Максиму Жозефовичу попала случайно, и очень благодарна этому случаю! Доктор успокоил, все детально объяснил. Впереди была небольшая операция под местной анестезией, но доктор сделал все максимально безболезненно и очень быстро! Весь приём прошёл на позитиве, и главное, ощущения, что ты в руках профессионала. Тот самый случай, когда покидаешь клинику с улыбкой. Проблему, с которой обращалась, уже устранили. Спасибо большое за профессионализм и человечность!
Ліно, дякуємо Вам за відгук і довіру. Раді, що залишилися задоволені співпрацею з лікарем. Бажаємо Вам міцного здоров'я.
З повагою, департамент контролю якості сервісу та клієнтського обслуговування
Martin Schlott
Price / Quality
I went to several doctors because I had a delicate skin problem. Nothing helped. El-Golam not only took the time to listen to me, he really thought carefully before making a diagnosis. He also took the time to explain why the other doctors were wrong without badmouthing them. He also considered typical "guy issues" during treatment. And finally, the treatment is/was a complete success. Moreover, he is very sympathetic and treats you like a human being. Nobody likes to go to the doctor, but if it has to be, then to Dr. El-Golam. PS: By the way, he also found a solution for my skin irritation after shaving in the same consultation. Another proof of his high level of attention.
Martin Schlott, thank you for your feedback and pleasant words addressed to the doctor/
With best regards, Dobrobut Service Department
Ирина Клюк
Price / Quality
Была сегодня на приеме у Дерматолога, Максима Жозефовича. Была удивлена вниманием и квалификацией в хорошем смысле. Давно не встречала такого небезразличного отношения к пациенту, хотя бываю регулярно в этой клинике и бывала на приеме у другого дерматолога, вроде более именитого, но и более равнодушного к пациенту. Думала, что таких врачей вообще не существует. Персональное СПАСИБО Доктору, Максиму Жозефовичу!!!!! и клинике за врача!!!!
Ірино, дякуємо за щирий відгук і теплі слова на адресу лікаря. Бажаємо Вам міцного здоров'я.
З повагою, департамент контролю якості сервісу та клієнтського обслуговування
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