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Chumak Aleksandr

Chumak Aleksandr
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Doctor information: Chumak Aleksandr


  • Bogomolets National Medical University
  • internship on the basis of Dnepropetrovsk Medical Academy
  • specialization in “Ultrasound diagnosis” on the basis of Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Qualification and scientific activities

  • urologist of the highest category
  • co-author of patents
  • advanced training in andriatrics;
  • practical training course on “Modern surgical methods of pelvic floor reconstruction and treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women with alloplastic materials
  • active participant of scientific and practical Ukrainian and international conferences on urology, andrology and sexology
  • thematic advanced training on endosurgery and urology

Professional memberships

Ukrainian Association of Urologists

Scientific activities

  • co-author of a patent on celotomy of abdominal canal
  • co-author of a patent on prostatic gland litholysis

Foreign experience

participation in Congress of Urologists and Andrologist in Armenia

Priority area of practice and range of medical advice

  • erectile dysfunction
  • reproductology (male infertility)
  • inflammatory diseases of the male genital sphere
  • male androgenic deficiency
  • treatment of men and women with urination disorder
  • surgical treatment:
    1. hydrorchis
    2. varicocele
    3. phimosis
  • surgical interference (minor urology)
  • endosurgery of urology

Other areas of professional interests

  • gynecology
  • pediatrics
  • therapy
  • endocrinology
  • andrology
  • neurology

Peculiarities of urology

‘Specialist in urology discusses quite intimate matters with his patients. Therefore, we must be able to take an individual approach to each one. Knowledge in neurology, psychology, psychopathology, andrology helps on this count.’

A piece of advice for patients

‘There is no universal advice for patients. This is a whole complex of actions that they can perform. You should always follow common sense and not to read everything on the Internet. Sometimes this is what highly overloads “operation memory” with second-rate information.’

‘We need do what mom said when we were children: do not supercool, do not eat all and sundry, do not have sexual intercourse with everyone around. I myself want to especially emphasize the last point: be selective, especially if you do not use condoms.’

About work

‘I always try to explain to patient the importance of his problem, to dispel his fears. It is necessary for him to normally perceive a problem, understand all the risks and carry out all indications and contraindications. You should always explain to a patient all medical aspects. At the same time doctor shall do it correctly, taking into account the psychological state of the patient. Because an incorrect delivery of information can harm the patient a lot.’

‘A good doctor will not treat promiscuously everything take in hand issues of other competencies. He knows when to stop and transfer patient's treatment to a more experienced specialist.’

Hobbies and Interests

‘Upbringing of my daughter is the most entertaining thing outside the hospital. She is two and a half, so be sure there is something interesting happening every day. I am fond of music and tennis. Another my passion is photography, which I’m concerned in semi-professionally.’

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