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Dobrobut Dentistry DDC for the whole family in Irpin

Dobrobut Dentistry DDC for the whole family in Irpin is the second branch of the Dobrobut dental clinic chain, which started its work in 2021.
Contacts of clinic:
Irpin, Hrybojedova St. 8-A
Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 8:00-20:00
Phone number:
067 219 5 202
044 490 5 202
About clinic

The department includes the following areas: aesthetic, therapeutic, pediatric dentistry, surgical, periodontal, orthodontic and orthopedic dental treatment.

Qualitatively and professionally treat:

  • caries, caries in pregnant women, wedge-shaped defect, all types of non-carious lesions, pulpitis, periodontitis, traumatic periodontitis, dental injuries, gingivitis, stomatitis, hyperesthesia.

We know and apply effective treatments:

  • discoloration of teeth, diaeresis and diastemas, pericoronaritis, periostitis of the jaws, periodontal abscesses, retentions and dystopia of wisdom teeth, jaw cysts.

We use dental treatment for children in their sleep.

We have in our arsenal all the novelty methods of restoring the dentition in adentia - the absence of one or more teeth.

We create or restore the aesthetics of a smile with the help of veneers, orthodontic appliances, liners, caps, professional whitening and more.

DDC - the center of aesthetic dentistry!

Clinic contacts:

M. Irpin, Hrybojedova St. 8-A.


067 219 5 202

044 490 5 202

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